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New Interest in Acquiring Time Warner Cable?

Rumors are flying regarding allegations that Rupert Murdoch is attending this year’s Sun Valley conference with intentions to make a deal with Time Warner Cable. Both Time Warner and Fox spokespeople have yet to comment, but the speculation continues as a deal of this magnitude would make the list of Murdoch’s companies even more extensive […]

Merger Decision-Makers Appointed by FCC

Meet two of the people the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has appointed to oversee the proposed AT&T / DIRECTV and the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger deals: Jamillia Ferris, former member of the Justice Department’s antitrust division during the first Obama administration William Rogerson, economics chair at Northwestern University and served as the chief […]

Is Your Home a Potential Internet Company Hotspot?

Last week, Comcast turned 50,000 of its customers’ homes in Houston, Texas into public hotspots and they plan on doing the same to millions more by the end of the year. According to the Houston Chronicle, Comcast says the move won’t slow down the residential customer’s connection. Comcast’s website explains that the additional “xfinitywifi” network […]

Time Warner Cable and Boingo WiFi Deal

Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Boingo, a major WiFi network operating company, have made the first “fast lane” deal that would affect WiFi roaming access. Financials weren’t discussed in the announcement, but the deal gives TWC access to hundreds of “premium” Boingo locations including subway platforms and airports in cities such as New York; Los […]

Merger Update: Internet Company to “Sell” Time Warner Customers

Comcast has announced via blog post that if the merger with Time Warner Cable is approved, they have agreed to “sell” 3.9 million customers to avoid any monopolistic results due to the merger. The agreement states 1.4 million Time Warner customers would be sold to Charter Communications while the other 2.5 million customers in Midwest […]

Time Warner Cable’s Unexplained Rate Hikes

Time Warner Cable has been in the spotlight lately with talks of a potential merger with Comcast, but now the company is making headlines for a less exciting reason – price hikes. One customer has reported receiving an $11 increase on their latest bill and this is alarming customers because of the fact that the […]

Netflix Price Increase

MASHABLE Here we go again! It seems as though Netflix is hoping that a “second time is the charm” approach will work as they attempt to hike up prices again. The approach is somewhat different this time though as it will only affect new customers and is an increase of one to two dollars (depending […]