Simplisafe Home Security

  • All monitored 24/7 by professionals ready to dispatch police.
  • Protection against intruders, fires, water damage medical emergencies & more
  • Protection for every window, room and door.
simplisafe home security

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Simplisafe Home Security


Home Security

Smart home security designed for you and your home

24/7 Protection

Professionally installed & monitored 24/7

Monitor On Your Smartphone

Control on the Go. Manage everything in the App.


Home Security That Gives You Peace of Mind

Our job is to protect your home and family even when you’re away. We provide professional home monitoring and security that fits anyone’s needs.   

Simplisafe Home Security in Unknown


Protection for every window, room and door. All monitored 24/7 by professionals ready to dispatch police, fire or medical professionals. Watch over everything, day or night, in full color HD. It’s an incredible camera that works hand in hand with our award-winning security system to keep your family safe. So you get real protection — from your front lawn to your back yard.Every security system starts with a Base Station, the brains of your SimpliSafe, that connects to our wide range of high-tech cameras and sensors protecting your whole home 24/7 from break-ins, fires, floods and more. Meet the system.

Test SimpliSafe in your home for 60 days. Your system arrives ready to work. No drilling or tools needed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund (we’ll even pay return shipping).

Experts Choose SimpliSafe Home Security

Named “Best Home Security overall” by US News & World Report, and awarded by Popular Mechanics and more.

Live professional alerts

Our monitoring staff calls you when trouble is detected and stays with you until it’s solved.

Dispatch faster with Video Verification

Adding Video Verification to your monitoring plan lets us verify your alarm is real so police can dispatch faster.

It’s a lot less expensive

We cut out the middlemen and markup so you get more security for less—with no contract.

Prepared for the unexpected

Lose power? Lose Wi-Fi? Someone attacks the system? Natural disaster? SimpliSafe is ready.

Protects against fires and water damage

More than just intruders—our pros monitor against leaks, floods, fires and more.

Keep an eye inside and out

With HD security cameras for indoors and out, see what’s happening all the time.

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