ADT Home Security

  • 24/7 service and home monitoring
  • Arm your system from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Choose from a range of cameras and sensors that help you keep an eye on what matters most
  • Save hundreds with the free equipment included with your ADT home security system

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ADT Home Security


Home Security

As the leader in home security, ADT can help you build the best home security system features to meet your safety needs.

24/7 Protection

Experienced home security professionals are looking out for you and your family day and night. Rest easy when you are home or away.  

Monitor On Your Smartphone

The center of your ADT home security system gives you fingertip control to arm or disarm your security system. 


Control your whole home with smarter security

Get even more security and convenience by connecting home automation devices like Google Nest Hub Max to your smart home security system. Program your thermostat for your schedule. Or create custom automations to turn the lights on and off. Make your whole home smarter with ADT.

ADT Home Security In Unknown


Help protect your home with 24/7 alarm monitoring, intrusion detection, Safewatch CellGuard® and flood, fire and CO monitoring. Enjoy all the perks of Basic monitoring plus mobile control of your system, real-time security alerts and smart automation programming.

How does ADT professional monitoring work?

When your sensors are triggered or you alert your system for help, the monitoring center will automatically be notified. If there’s an emergency, monitoring specialists will call you and alert emergency responders to your home so you don’t have to.

Does ADT work with smart home devices?

Yes, you can connect popular compatible smart home devices to your system, and control them using the ADT mobile app or voice assistants. Add your smart lights, smart thermostats and cameras to your system to schedule automated routines and get better control on the go.

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