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NFL Sunday Ticket to Stay with DIRECTV

According to multiple sources, DIRECTV and the NFL are on the brink of making a deal to renew their agreement regarding the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket package. The agreement that has been reached is only in regards to the price and length of the deal which means there are several issues that still […]

NFL Blackout Rule/the Future of NFL Sunday Ticket

The FCC has proposed to drop its sports blackout rule which ensures that local broadcast stations carry local games despite insufficient ticket sales. In response, the NFL has launched a website asking fans to tell the FCC and Congress to leave the sports blackout rule as is and as it has been for nearly four […]

The Future of NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket is a big player in the DIRECTV and AT&T merger deal, but its future is uncertain. It is rumored that Google may be a part of the service’s broadcasting future which would give AT&T the right to back out of the merger deal. For the 10 percent of DIRECTV’s subscribers who pay […]

AT&T and DIRECTV to Merge

In a $48.5 billion deal, AT&T has agreed to acquire DIRECTV. A move that increases their subscribers to about 26 million nationwide. The agreement includes an exit clause which is dependent on an extension of DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket contract that expires at the end of next season. If an extension isn’t made by the […]