NFL Blackout Rule/the Future of NFL Sunday Ticket

by | Jun 20, 2014 | General, TV and Cable

The FCC has proposed to drop its sports blackout rule which ensures that local broadcast stations carry local games despite insufficient ticket sales. In response, the NFL has launched a website asking fans to tell the FCC and Congress to leave the sports blackout rule as is and as it has been for nearly four decades.

The site allows fans to enter their location which brings up an email form that can be filled out and sent to your local representatives in the US House and US Senate urging them to maintain the current rules. Supporters of the website include the National Association of Broadcasters as well as CBS and Fox.

In related news, DISH has expressed interest in bidding on the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket. Rival satellite provider DIRECTV currently holds these rights, but a renewal of the deal is currently in negotiation. Another possibility of a failed contract renewal with DIRECTV is that the NFL could potentially split the TV from the Internet rights which would also be attractive to DISH as they begin offering online-only video subscriptions.

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