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NFL Blackout Rule/the Future of NFL Sunday Ticket

The FCC has proposed to drop its sports blackout rule which ensures that local broadcast stations carry local games despite insufficient ticket sales. In response, the NFL has launched a website asking fans to tell the FCC and Congress to leave the sports blackout rule as is and as it has been for nearly four […]

NFL Draft Starts Thursday

Whether you’re suffering from football withdrawals or still feeling the hype of last season’s Seattle Super Bowl title, it is already that time of year again; when NFL teams are scouting for new talent and evaluating if their current roster has what it takes in preparation for the NFL Draft. You can catch every second […]

2014 NFL Regular Season Schedule

Getting sick of all the talk about the NHL and NBA playoffs? Well take a break from all of that and mark your calendar with your favorite team’s 2014 NFL regular season schedule! Week-by-week Team-by-team Also check out the NFL 2014 pre-season schedule here.

2014 NFL Preseason Schedule

The 2014 NFL preseason schedule has been announced giving avid football fans plenty of time to adequately hype themselves up for the new season – as if they needed a reason to or something. The Hall of Fame game kicks off the 2014 season in Canton, Ohio on August 3rd, 8 PM EST on NBC. […]