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Coming Soon: HBO Standalone Subscriptions

In its pursuit of online, cable and Satellite TV subscribers, HBO announced today that it will be selling its service via the Internet starting in 2015. This will give customers access to HBO content even if they don’t have cable or Satellite TV service. Specific details have yet to be revealed, but the network’s CEO […]

HBO GO: To Get “Far, Far Away From Your Parents”

Well, this is awkward. Lena Dunham’s crass sense of humor has sucked you into yet another episode of Girls when your parents walk in the room at the worst. possible. moment. You’re not sure what to do other than pretend they aren’t able to see or hear the explicit sex scene on the TV. And […]

HBO Go Passwords: Do They Really Want You to Share Them?

There has been a lot of misconceptions on HBO’s CEO Richard Plepler’s comments concerning sharing HBO Go passwords. But after all the hype over the online streaming service’s outage disaster during the season finale of True Detective on Sunday, we should set the record straight. In January, BuzzFeed ran a post titled, “HBO’s CEO Doesn’t […]