HBO GO: To Get “Far, Far Away From Your Parents”

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Provider News, TV and Cable

Well, this is awkward. Lena Dunham’s crass sense of humor has sucked you into yet another episode of Girls when your parents walk in the room at the worst. possible. moment. You’re not sure what to do other than pretend they aren’t able to see or hear the explicit sex scene on the TV. And that’s when it happens; one of them makes a comment that only intensifies the awkwardness.

HBO realizes that these moments occur for their viewers who live with their parents/kids and has used the elephant in the room in their new ad campaign using various HBO shows and situations. The ads won’t make these types of moments any less awkward, but they are a source for a good chuckle.

HBO GO gives you the freedom to watch your favorite HBO shows anytime, anywhere – as each ad says, “far, far away from your parents.” Escape the awkwardness – get HBO today!

Enjoy the “Your Body, Your Choice” ad below and catch all seven of the all-too-relatable ads here.


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