What To Do After You Buy A New House

by | Sep 7, 2018 | General

The processes of buying a house can be stressful. This article gives you tips and tricks on what to do after you find your perfect home. Creating a moving check list like this one is a must.

1. Get Organized- There is a lot to do before you move, during a move, and after the move. Try to schedule in time before the move for to plan. Planning ahead will help with the stress later on. There are several things you can schedule before the big day.

2. Call your internet company and sign up. Usually this needs to be in place before moving day if you want internet the day you move in. Calling ahead to schedule an appointment will be helpful.

3. Call your home phone company and sign up for your new address. Sometimes changing companies can help save you money.

4. Sign up for TV. Some companies offer deals for home phone, tv, and internet. Usually these deals are cheaper when they are bundled together. Look for deals but also call and ask if they can offer something better.

5. Sign up for home security. Especially if you are new to the area, having a home security system can help calm your nerves and help your move. This is one item that is overlooked but should be a top priority for you and your family.

6. Pack boxes by rooms. Label each box with the room name on it. Then once you move place the box in the room it goes in. Unpacking won’t seem so long if done room at a time. Start with essentials and work your way through the boxes.

7. Change your mailing address. Update your mailing address on all bills. Don’t forget to update your driver’s license and tell your bank that you have moved.

8. Tell your friends and family. Make sure to tell everyone you are moving or have moved.

9. Decorate and enjoy! Unpacking can be stressful. Start with essentials that are needed. Then unpack by rooms. If boxes are labeled this will help know where they go.

Planning will help your move!!


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