Top Tips For Moving On A budget

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CYH – Moving Tips on a Budget

You’ve signed your new lease, or deed, and finally have your new residence set! Now all that is left is to move to your new place. If you’re moving for cheaper living expenses, downsizing, or maybe that safety deposit took a bite out of this weeks paycheck, you’re not ready to spend any more on moving! Luckily there are easy tips and tricks you can do to lower your moving costs or eliminate them completely!

  1. Free Supplies

If you plan ahead, you can find free boxes and supplies for your move through a plethora of avenues.

Online Communities

Websites such as are great opportunities to do a quick search in their “Free” forums (underneath the For Sale heading). Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t break-down their boxes and offer them up for free online. If your current or future neighborhood has a NextDoor account, you can peruse their “Free” section or post an inquiry requesting unwanted boxes or supplies!


Another great website is Freecycle. Freecycle allows you to search your local community for free supplies! Just type in your zip code and you’ll be able to explore all the “Offers” and “Wanted” posts. Offers are what’s available and it’s free and easy to submit your own “wanted” post requesting the supplies you need!

Local Stores

Believe it or not your local stores may be a wonderful opportunity to snag a few free boxes! Liquor stores in particular tend to have small and sturdy boxes, perfect for breakables, books, DVDs, and more! Grocery stores, McDonalds, and even Starbucks are additional options as they all receive regular shipments with varied sized containers!

U-Haul Customer Connect & Box Exchange

U-Haul has made an effort to reduce the waste involved in moving and created a wonderful community portal!  Simply enter in your zip code to connect with other people who are looking to sell, give away, or even assist you in finding boxes and/or moving supplies.



Do you have children in school? Are you in school yourself? If so, schools are a great place to look for free boxes! Schools receive a plethora of deliveries on a regular basis. Reaching out to the Office or even the Janitorial Staff and offering to take boxes off their hands often saves them the time of breaking them down themselves!


Depending on where you work, your workplace may be a great solution for free boxes. Letting co-workers know you are collecting boxes and leaving notes in communal areas helps get the message out! If you don’t receive regular shipments try asking friends or a loved one if their workplace has an additional, unwanted, supplies.

  1. Use Clothes for Packing

If you’re like many of us, purchasing bubble wrap is an expense we’re not really thinking about when moving. However, taking the gamble to package delicates with no cushioning or protection can result in more than one box of broken goods. Luckily, using what you already have can help ensure, you save money, and your stuff gets there safe.

If you take a look at your closet and pull out T-Shirts and excess pajamas you won’t need during your move, you’ll have yourself a plethora of cushioning supplies. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, shower curtains, bedding, scarves, and more make great stuffing when packing delicates!

  1. Plan Ahead

By planning ahead, you can avoid throwing out and purging useful items. Here’s how: if you’re proactive, this works best a full month out, however, if you have 1 or 2 weeks, you can still make a difference! Start by planning your grocery trips to ensure the items you’re buying can be fully used up in your remaining time at your old residence. There’s nothing more annoying than figuring out how to pack and transport half a bottle of ketchup and the other random condiments you just bought but don’t want to waste. Take a stock of your cupboards and start planning meals around your remaining groceries. This goes for daily disposables like cotton balls, toilet paper, napkins, toothpaste, plastic bags, etc. Having less things to move and starting a grocery list for the first weekend you’re in your new residence is an easy way to reduce moving stress!

  1. Avoid Moving Season

Believe it or not, there is a peak season for moving. According to, 80% of moves occur between the months of April and September with June, July, and August being deemed the “busiest months.” That means, many moving services’ pricing will also be at their peak or highest during this time. Moving at the beginning of spring or start of fall can really help cut that moving bill in half!

  1. Savvy Utility Planning

One thing that almost always gets left to the last minute is utility planning. Often times you’re locked into a contract that costs a pretty penny to break. Be mindful of renewals coming up before your big move. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you just renewed a contract for your current residence only to find out those same services are not offered in your new location. Plan ahead and see if some services can switch to a monthly payment and contract, this can help you avoid unwanted and hidden fees in canceling.

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