Time Warner Cable Phone 2 Go App

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Provider News

Time Warner Cable’s Phone 2 Go app launched this week giving customers the ability to forward all of their incoming Home Phone calls, including video calls and text messages, to their smartphone.

Time Warner Cable subscribers can download the Phone 2 Go app from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app also gives you the ability to make outgoing calls and send text messages from your smartphone via your Home Phone account. Here is a list of the app’s features*:

  • Forward incoming Home Phone calls including video calls and text messages to smartphone or tablet
  • Make voice calls and send text messages from mobile devices using a TWC Home Phone account
  • Make and receive video calls with other Phone 2 Go users
  • Access contact lists stored on the phone or tablet device
  • Maintain a list of Favorite Contacts, Recent Calls and Messages
  • Play and manage Voicemail messages
  • Use Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling
  • Take advantage of Home Phone features (Selective Call Blocking, Unconditional Forwarding, Caller ID Blocking, Anonymous Call Rejection, etc.) on all calls

So how does it work? Phone 2 Go supports voice and video calling as well as text messaging from anywhere in the world through the device’s data connection** (cellular or WiFi). It can be used from up to five devices at low-cost home phone rates. Incoming calls will ring simultaneously on all associated Phone 2 Go devices and the home phone. Once one device accepts the call, all others stop ringing and a private conversation begins.

*Phone 2 Go does not support 911 emergency services via voice calling or text. Customers acknowledge this during the initial setup.

**If the device is using a cellular data connection, subscribers may be charged by their service provider.


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