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DISH Viewer Experience Gets Even Better

Did you notice the quality of your TV just got way better? If you’re a DISH customer who is watching the beginning of the National Invitation Tournament or are catching the latest episodes of popular shows, you more than likely did. DISH has added high definition (HD) programming for ESPNU, ESPNews, Disney East and ABC […]

Stream Free TV And Movies In Flight

We’ve all been there – completely desperate for something to drown-out that screaming child sitting behind you on your 5 hour flight, that doesn’t require another expense to add on to the ever-growing airline fees. Well United Airlines understands and has you covered! The airline announced an April roll out of an option for passengers […]

DISH Encourages Bracket Breaks

It’s ok, you can admit it. You’ve snuck a peak at your March Madness bracket a few times at work and even logged into live streams to try to catch just a minute of the action before your boss notices. Well, you’re not alone. DISH’s latest campaign features Hopper the Kangaroo secretly watching college basketball […]