The New Way To Watch TV: Internet-Based TV From DISH

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Provider News, Technology

Now that DISH has partnered with Artemis to create pCell technology, it won’t be long until the satellite TV company makes a move at offering Internet-based TV service. DISH is actually setting a summer debut for the live-streaming service.

Last month, DISH and Walt Disney Co. came to an agreement over Internet-TV rights and DISH has also been in similar talks with A&E Television Networks LLC, Time Warner Inc.’s Turner Broadcasting and CBS Corp. The deal with Disney includes ABC, ESPN and Disney Channel which means DISH only needs to sign one more major local broadcast network (CBS, Fox, or NBC) in order to meet the requests of the largest content providers who are looking at potentially signing a deal with DISH. The other providers also want the package to include at least 10 of the highest-rated cable networks.

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