FCC Rules On Net Neutrality Proposal

by | May 15, 2014 | General, Internet Services

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday in favor of new proposed net neutrality rules.

Why should you care? The vote is the beginning of a long process of decisions that would affect the speed at which certain websites load based on agreements made between the website’s owner and internet providers.

For example, NetFlix and Comcast have made an agreement where Netflix agreed to pay Comcast to ensure their content is loaded faster than their competitors. Is this fair? Should it be legal?

It will likely be awhile before decisions and rules related to Net Neutrality are set in stone, but today’s vote marks the beginning of the road ahead. The voting was three to two in favor of the proposed rules that outline six elements*:

  • Whether or not wireless internet be included in the regulation
  • To expand the transparency requirement so that internet service providers will have to provide more info about how they manage their networks.
  • To use the same no-blocking rule, with a clarification that broadband providers – such as Comcast and Verizon –  will have to provide edge providers – such as Google, Amazon and Netflix – a minimum level of service.
  • To set an enforceable legal standard for determining commercially reasonable practices covering conduct that is not prohibited
  • To create a multifaceted dispute resolution process.
  • To rely on Section 706 authority – the FCC’s authority to regulate broadband distribution.

*Source: Multichannel News


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