Everything You Need To Know About Sling TV from DISH Network

by | Jun 19, 2015 | TV and Cable

Cord cutters, rejoice. DISH Network, the American satellite company known for pushing the envelope of technology and user experience, has announced the very thing you’ve all been waiting for: an innovative TV option that allows you to watch your favorite channels – and ONLY your favorite channels – without the burden of a lengthy contract or cumbersome customer service. Sling TV is the first ever cordless, a la carte television provider to feature channels like ESPN, Food Network, AMC, TNT and History Channel. Sling TV is available everywhere and you can watch it everywhere: on your phone, tablet, computer or on your TV like Mother Nature intended.

Best of Live TV package: $20 a month
Just the basics. Breaking news, sports, food and entertainment. This package includes channels like ESPN, Food Network, History Channel, AMC, CNN, Cartoon Network, Bloomberg and Travel Channel.

HBO: $15 a month
The full slate of HBO’s premium programming is available on Sling TV. Order it alone or add it onto your existing packages. Ground breaking documentaries, Hollywood blockbusters, original comedy specials and HBO’s diverse sports programming.

Extras: $5 a month
Need a little more? Pick from three different extra packages tailored for kids, adults, film buffs, foodies and sports fanatics. Sports Extra gives you access to ESPNU, SEC Network, Universal Sports and more.

For more information, call 800-219-5701.