Did You Just Move? What Now?!

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Savings

The Best Deals on Internet, Home Phone, and Cable Anywhere in the Nation

Did you just finish moving? Then we know exactly how exhausted you are. You’ve done the work packing and researching the best moving companies and the best moving supplies. You’ve moved your last boxes and are finally done! However, if you’re like most of us, unpacking is one of the last things you want to do after a hard day of moving. Nothing sounds better than turning on the TV, ordering in, and relaxing in your new home! But what happens when you set up the TV and realize you have no power, cable, phone service, or internet? You scramble and hope you can transfer your old service or quickly set up new service. That’s where a lot of us fall into a higher than average package price. When we want a solution now, we tend to shop around less and care less about discounts and bundles. Let’s face it,  when you’re ready to unwind, you’re not interested in doing any more research, you just want to relax.

That’s where Connect Your Home comes in! Just pick up the phone and let one call connect it all! With Connect Your Home, we connect you with exclusive home service discounts and bundles on the services that you’ll use every day like cable, home phone, internet, and more! Our dedicated specialists work with you to ensure you’re getting the best deals on the services you need.

Now you can forget about hours of customer service calls, online chats, and unhelpful automated systems. Connect Your Home shops around for you, provides you with exclusive discounts, and connects your new residence with the service you need to make it feel like home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Connect Your Home:

  1. How does Connect Your Home work?

Our relationships with the nation’s top providers mean you get all the services you want, and none that you don’t, in one easy call.

  1. Which brands do you partner with?

Here at Connect Your Home, we partner with a plethora of home service providers across the United States. Compare and Save on the best deals from the top providers.

  1. How do I find home services for my specific location?

If you head over to and enter in your address in the address bar at the top, you’ll see a snapshot of the brands and services available to your location.

  1. Can I set-up all of my home services with one call?

Absolutely! Connect Your Home makes it easier than ever to set up all of the home services you use on a daily basis, all with one phone call. Give us a call at 888-403-9203 to explore the discounts available to you.

  1. Does Connect Your Home shop around for the best deals?

Connect Your Home takes the hassle out of comparing home services. We do the shopping for you and provide you with exclusive bundles and discounts not available to the general public.

  1. What kind of home service discounts are available?

Here at Connect Your Home, we offer a plethora of home services from a multitude of brands. To explore the discounts available in your specific zip code, contact one of our Specialists at 888-403-9203.

  1. If I want to add to my existing service, how can I do that?

If you have questions regarding your current service, please reach out to the service provider directly. For inquiries regarding adding additional services to your home, give us a call!

  1. I have a question regarding my current bill, who can I talk to?

If you have questions regarding your current service, or bill, please reach out to the service provider directly.

  1. I’d like to know which channels I can add to my existing television package.

For inquiries regarding your current television package, please reach out to the service provider directly.

  1. How can I reschedule my install?

To reschedule an installation, please, contact the service provider directly.


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