AT&T DIRECTV Talk Merger

by | May 5, 2014 | Provider News, TV and Cable

Are you sick of hearing about possible Time Warner and Comcast merger talk? Lucky for you, there are new players reportedly entering the merger field.

AT&T DirecTV talk merger following in the footsteps of Time Warner Cable and Comcast and visit the idea of merging.  A merger of these two companies would result in a TV subscriber base that would actually be able to compete with Time Warner and Comcast should they merge as well.

AT&T and DIRECTV already have a partnership where they offer satellite TV service from DIRECTV along with AT&T’s cellphone service even though AT&T has its own TV venture, U-verse, which is only available in select areas. Adding DIRECTV would jump AT&T up to one of the top TV providers in the U.S.

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