Apps allow you to access home security footage anytime, anywhere

by | May 11, 2016 | Home Security

Perhaps inspired by candid camera shows, security cameras have started taking on more roles than just home security and safety. OK, probably not candid camera-inspired, but with all of the new home automation technology, people are able to stay connected to their homes and loved ones like never before, no matter where they are.

Apps for smart devices allow you to access security camera footage of your home anytime, anywhere. So whether you want to check in to make sure your kids got home from school safely, or if you are simply curious about what your beloved pet is up to while you’re gone, you have the power to see it all right at your fingertips.

Most of the nation’s top home security providers now include security cameras as an optional or standard feature in their packages, meaning that when you invest in a home security system, you’ll be able to easily:

  • Monitor any deliveries left on your porch, which is useful as package thefts are on the rise in many areas. The captured footage can help the police investigate thefts, property damage or other criminal activity occurring around your property.
  • See who is knocking on your door without using windows or peepholes, and view any visitors to your home even if you are not home.
  • Deter criminals by the simple fact that you have security cameras in place recording anything suspicious.

Get peace of mind from a home security system today

Having a security camera can help put your mind to rest and having access to what’s happening in your home helps protect those you care most about. Stay connected with your home and get a home security system today!

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