2014 FIFA World Cup Match Line-up

by Connect Your Home Team

Posted on April 23, 2014

With less than 50 days until the first match, it may be time to mark your calendar with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Match line-up schedule. Catch all of this summer’s showdown on Univision – need a sports package that includes Univision? Find the best deals on sport packages here! All times are listed in Mountain Time Thursday, June 12 Brazil v. Croatia                                              2:00 PM Friday, June 13 Mexico v. Cameroon                                      10:00 AM Spain v. Netherlands                                     1:00 PM Chile v. Australia                                            4:00 PM Saturday, June 14 Colombia v. Greece                                        10:00 AM Uruguay v. Costa Rica                                   1:00 PM England v. Italy                                              4:00 PM Côte d’Ivoire v. Japan                                   7:00 PM Sunday, June 15 Switzerland v. Ecuador                                 10:0 AM France v. Honduras                                       1:00 PM Argentina v. Bosnia and Herzegovina          4:00 PM Monday, June 16 Germany v. Portugal                                     10:00 AM Iran v. Nigeria                                                1:00 PM Ghana v. USA                                                 4:00 PM Tuesday, June 17 Belgium v. Algeria                                         10:00 AM Brazil v. Mexico                                             1:00 PM Russia v. Korea Republic                              4:00 PM  Wednesday, June 18 Australia v. Netherlands                               10:00 AM Spain v. Chile                                                  1:00 PM Cameroon v. Croatia                                     4:00 PM Thursday, June 19 Colombia v. Côte d’Ivoire                            10:00 AM Uruguay v. England                                      1:00 PM Japan v. Greece                                            4:00 PM Friday, June 20 Italy v. Costa Rica                                         10:00 AM Switzerland v. France                                   1:00 PM Honduras v. Ecuador                                   4:00 PM Saturday, June 21 Argentina v. Iran                                           10:00 AM Germany v. Ghana                                        1:00 PM Nigeria v. Bosnia and Herzegovina             4:00 PM Sunday, June 22 Belgium v. Russia                                          10:00 AM Korea Republic v. Algeria                             1:00 PM USA v. Portugal                                             4:00 PM Monday, June 23 Netherlands v. Chile                                     10:00 AM Australia v. Spain                                          10:00 AM Cameroon v. Brazil                                        2:00 PM Croatia v. Mexico                                           2:00 PM Tuesday, June 24 Italy v. Uruguay                                              10:00 AM Costa Rica v. England                                    10:00 AM Japan v. Colombia                                          2:00 PM Greece v. Côte d’Ivoire                                   2:00 PM Wednesday, June 25 Nigeria v. Argentina                                       10:00 AM Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Iran                    10:00 AM Honduras v. Switzerland                                2:00 PM Ecuador v. France                                           2:00 PM Thursday, June 26 Portugal v. Ghana                                           10:00 AM USA v. Germany                                             10:00 AM Korea Republic v. Belgium                             2:00 PM Algeria v. Russia                                              2:00 PM

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