2014 FIFA World Cup Match Line-up

by | Apr 23, 2014 | TV and Cable

With less than 50 days until the first match, it may be time to mark your calendar with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Match line-up schedule. Catch all of this summer’s showdown on Univision – need a sports package that includes Univision?

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All times are listed in Mountain Time

Thursday, June 12

Brazil v. Croatia                                              2:00 PM

Friday, June 13

Mexico v. Cameroon                                      10:00 AM

Spain v. Netherlands                                     1:00 PM

Chile v. Australia                                            4:00 PM

Saturday, June 14

Colombia v. Greece                                        10:00 AM

Uruguay v. Costa Rica                                   1:00 PM

England v. Italy                                              4:00 PM

Côte d’Ivoire v. Japan                                   7:00 PM

Sunday, June 15

Switzerland v. Ecuador                                 10:0 AM

France v. Honduras                                       1:00 PM

Argentina v. Bosnia and Herzegovina          4:00 PM

Monday, June 16

Germany v. Portugal                                     10:00 AM

Iran v. Nigeria                                                1:00 PM

Ghana v. USA                                                 4:00 PM

Tuesday, June 17

Belgium v. Algeria                                         10:00 AM

Brazil v. Mexico                                             1:00 PM

Russia v. Korea Republic                              4:00 PM

 Wednesday, June 18

Australia v. Netherlands                               10:00 AM

Spain v. Chile                                                  1:00 PM

Cameroon v. Croatia                                     4:00 PM

Thursday, June 19

Colombia v. Côte d’Ivoire                            10:00 AM

Uruguay v. England                                      1:00 PM

Japan v. Greece                                            4:00 PM

Friday, June 20

Italy v. Costa Rica                                         10:00 AM

Switzerland v. France                                   1:00 PM

Honduras v. Ecuador                                   4:00 PM

Saturday, June 21

Argentina v. Iran                                           10:00 AM

Germany v. Ghana                                        1:00 PM

Nigeria v. Bosnia and Herzegovina             4:00 PM

Sunday, June 22

Belgium v. Russia                                          10:00 AM

Korea Republic v. Algeria                             1:00 PM

USA v. Portugal                                             4:00 PM

Monday, June 23

Netherlands v. Chile                                     10:00 AM

Australia v. Spain                                          10:00 AM

Cameroon v. Brazil                                        2:00 PM

Croatia v. Mexico                                           2:00 PM

Tuesday, June 24

Italy v. Uruguay                                              10:00 AM

Costa Rica v. England                                    10:00 AM

Japan v. Colombia                                          2:00 PM

Greece v. Côte d’Ivoire                                   2:00 PM

Wednesday, June 25

Nigeria v. Argentina                                       10:00 AM

Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Iran                    10:00 AM

Honduras v. Switzerland                                2:00 PM

Ecuador v. France                                           2:00 PM

Thursday, June 26

Portugal v. Ghana                                           10:00 AM

USA v. Germany                                             10:00 AM

Korea Republic v. Belgium                             2:00 PM

Algeria v. Russia                                              2:00 PM


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