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About Connect Your Home

ConnectYourHome® is an award-winning authorized retailer for the nation’s top home service providers. Since 2000, we have connected nearly 3 million households nationwide with the home services that power their lives using our free, single-call Just One Call to Connect It All® shopping platform that helps consumers to:

Identify which home services are available in your area
Compare the best prices and promotions
Order and schedule your preferred services

Top Brands to Serve You

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Mobile Phone
Home Security
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Home Insurance
Gas & Electric
Home Warranty

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What To Do After You Buy A New House

What To Do After You Buy A New House

The processes of buying a house can be stressful. This article gives you tips and tricks on what to do after you find your perfect home. Creating a moving check list like this one is a must. 1. Get Organized- There is a lot to do before you move, during a move, and...

Top Tips For Moving On A budget

Top Tips For Moving On A budget

CYH – Moving Tips on a Budget You’ve signed your new lease, or deed, and finally have your new residence set! Now all that is left is to move to your new place. If you’re moving for cheaper living expenses, downsizing, or maybe that safety deposit took a bite out of...

Top 5 Tips For Moving

Top 5 Tips For Moving

When you’re moving, things can easily begin to get overwhelming. Finding a new place to live, paying deposits, signing paperwork, and more start to take up the time you would like to spend packing and organizing! The following checklist is an easy way to get you back...

Did You Just Move? What Now?!

Did You Just Move? What Now?!

The Best Deals on Internet, Home Phone, and Cable Anywhere in the Nation Did you just finish moving? Then we know exactly how exhausted you are. You’ve done the work packing and researching the best moving companies and the best moving supplies. You’ve moved your last...

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