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Do you know who to call if your TV or computer stops working? Or if your internet connection crashes at a critical moment?


Instead of panicking, you could be prepared with 24/7 tech support coverage from Connect Your Tech Support®! For a low monthly cost, you get round-the-clock access to remote tech support by mobile device or computer. Enroll with Connect Your Tech Support today to make sure you’re ready for all tech emergencies.

Premium Tech Support Package

Unlimited 24/7 remote tech support, plus discounted onsite technical support

    • The Premium Tech Support package gives you unlimited on-demand access to reliable remote tech support professionals 24/7.

    • If you need on-site help, you’ll receive deeply discounted on-site support from our network of more than 14,000 certified technicians.

    • You’ll have access to additional tech support services including:

      • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Software
      • Self-Help Database
      • Best Practices Assessment

Starting at

a month for each month with one-time $49.99 initiation fee 888-338-9065

Ultimate Tech Support Package

Add 100 GB of secure online backup for only $5 more per month

    • The Ultimate Tech Support Package provides all of the great features from the Premium package, plus you get 100 GB of secure online backup for your important files and data.

    • Our secure online data backup solution includes backup, sync and share capabilities that support data security and recoverability across an unlimited number of devices.

    • Choose the Ultimate package for complete confidence in your tech support and data security!

Starting at

a month for each month with one-time $49.99 initiation fee 888-338-9065

Pricing and promotions subject to change.