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Wireless TV from Verizon’s 4G Network

by Andrew

Posted on August 12, 2014

Verizon, the nation’s largest wireless provider, says it hopes to deliver cable TV over its 4G LTE network within the next year. This would enable Verizon to offer nationwide TV service, allowing the company to compete with the only other nationwide TV providers: DISH and DIRECTV.This news comes at the same time that one of Verizon’s main competitors for phone and Internet service, AT&T, is in the process of acquiring DIRECTV. Using the 4G LTE network would allow Verizon to side-step the ominous task of getting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval to acquire a nationwide TV provider, such as DISH or DIRECTV; additionally, Verizon also claims they can achieve wireless TV service without buying additional spectrum from TV broadcasters in this year’s and next year’s auctions.It seems like Verizon is relatively confident in their ability to provide a wireless TV service but they aren’t the only ones. According to broadband analyst Scott McClelland, “By year’s end, America’s four national wireless broadband [Internet Service Providers] will be offering speeds capable of supporting new over-the-top video streaming services, nearly ubiquitously.”Read about the plan DISH has for “over-the-top” TV service here.For consumers, the big question is which provider gains the content rights to legally stream the TV shows we all want and love. At the same time, access to wireless TV would add another element to the issue of net neutrality, which is currently being debated by the FCC.Are you ready for wireless TV? Make sure you get a TV package from Verizon today!

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