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Time Warner Cable’s High-Speed Internet Promise to L.A.

by Andrew

Posted on July 22, 2014

Time Warner Cable (TWC) has announced its plans to bring high-speed Internet to Los Angeles by 2016. According to the Los Angeles Times, this announcement comes as a response to a document the city of Los Angeles released regarding its inquiry of how to compete with other major metropolitan areas where the technology already exists and is excelling. Competitors who have already made their mark with high-speed Internet in metro areas include AT&T Inc. with its U-verse service and Google with Google Fiber. Peter Stern, an executive vice president at TWC, states that the company has invested $1.5 billion over the past four years on its services and network infrastructure in the L.A. area which primes the company to deliver the promised speeds of up to one gigabit per second which is 100 times faster than today's basic broadband. Currently, TWC’s fastest Internet speed is 100 megabits per second which is increasing to 300 megabits per second by the end of 2014. Be one of the first to experience the incredible one gigabit per second speed by becoming a Time Warner Cable customer today!

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