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Merger Decision-Makers Appointed by FCC

Meet two of the people the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has appointed to oversee the proposed AT&T / DIRECTV and the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger deals: Jamillia Ferris, former member of the Justice Department’s antitrust division during the first Obama administration William Rogerson, economics chair at Northwestern University and served as the chief […]

AT&T and DIRECTV to Merge

In a $48.5 billion deal, AT&T has agreed to acquire DIRECTV. A move that increases their subscribers to about 26 million nationwide. The agreement includes an exit clause which is dependent on an extension of DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket contract that expires at the end of next season. If an extension isn’t made by the […]

AT&T DIRECTV Talk Merger

Are you sick of hearing about possible Time Warner and Comcast merger talk? Lucky for you, there are new players reportedly entering the merger field. AT&T DirecTV talk merger following in the footsteps of Time Warner Cable and Comcast and visit the idea of merging.  A merger of these two companies would result in a TV […]