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Stream Free TV And Movies In Flight

by Andrew

Posted on March 20, 2014

We've all been there - completely desperate for something to drown-out that screaming child sitting behind you on your 5 hour flight, that doesn't require another expense to add on to the ever-growing airline fees. Well United Airlines understands and has you covered! The airline announced an April roll out of an option for passengers to stream TV and movies directly from their laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - free of charge. The plan is to preload 150 movies and 200 TV shows onto an on-board system that is compatible to the devices. This solves two problems; it avoids passenger's having to pay for in-flight WiFi and it also alleviates any worry from the airline of people using up all of the plane's WiFi bandwidth. United has chosen a variety of content including "Downton Abbey" and Netflix's "House of Cards" and will eventually swap out movies and TV shows every month for those frequent fliers who may run out of options to watch. For now, the United app will only be available to Apple smartphones and tablets so Android users will have to resort to a laptop. The airline plans on expanding the service to Android users later this year as well as enabling the service to work from "gate-to-gate." Requirements include iOS 6 and above for Apple smartphone and tablet users, Windows XP or Window 7 for Windows laptops as well as downloading the United app. The option will only be offered on select flights to start out with so if you need to download all ten seasons of "Friends" before getting on your next flight, make sure to sign up for DISH today to gain access to the DISH Anywhere™ app! Read United's announcement here.

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