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Moving Checklist

Preparing to move can be easy for you and your family if you take some simple steps. STEP 1:  Plan and manage your relocation early. Waiting until the last minute to pack your things often result in something you missed or misplaced or not sure whether you want to keep or a variety of things […]

How to Connect Your DVR to the Internet

Connecting Your DISH DVR to the Internet Set Up Broadband We encourage you to always connect your receiver to your broadband service in order to: Keep critical receiver data current Access thousands of online titles Order pay-per-view using your remote control. There are several ways to connect to broadband service: With an Ethernet Cable With […]

How to Set Up Your DISH Network Remote

How to Program the DISH Remote to Control Your TV Power Scan Performing a power scan allows the remote to attempt to find the correct code for your television. While at the TV locations (TV1 or TV2 depending on which key is installed), point the remote at the TV. Press and hold the TV MODE […]

Want Your Viacom Channels Back?

A dispute over contract terms between Viacom and Suddenlink has resulted in a blackout of popular Viacom channels such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and VH1. If you’re a Suddenlink Communications subscriber, you no longer receive 24 Viacom networks as the two companies have yet to reach an agreement over pay rates. There’s no word […]

NFL Blackout Rule/the Future of NFL Sunday Ticket

The FCC has proposed to drop its sports blackout rule which ensures that local broadcast stations carry local games despite insufficient ticket sales. In response, the NFL has launched a website asking fans to tell the FCC and Congress to leave the sports blackout rule as is and as it has been for nearly four […]

FCC Rules On Net Neutrality Proposal

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday in favor of new proposed net neutrality rules. Why should you care? The vote is the beginning of a long process of decisions that would affect the speed at which certain websites load based on agreements made between the website’s owner and internet providers. For example, NetFlix and Comcast […]

Moving Tips And Checklist

It’s that time of year again – school is almost out, the weather is warming up, vacations are being planned… and you’re moving! Don’t let moving turn into a daunting task when you should be excited for such a memorable life change! Sticking to a schedule is key in order to avoid falling behind and […]

College Friday at Connect Your Home

College Friday at Connect Your Home gave employees another reason to sport their favorite college gear – from the almost daily shout of “Go Ducks” to the weekly appearance of Hoosiers gear along with the many other symptoms of fandom our employees seem to experience on a fairly regular basis. Support for higher education is […]

Facebook Fandom Map

Do you ever get the feeling that Yankee fans seem to be everywhere? Well, according to Facebook engineers they are! Based on which official Facebook MLB team page has the most likes from the people who live in counties across the U.S., they have created a  Facebook Fandom Map. The map is fairly predictable with hometown […]

App Puts An End To Waiting for Appointment Windows

We’ve all been there – you are frustrated because you are stuck waiting at home for the cable guy to come sometime during the four hour window they gave you. Good news – there is an app for that! Well, Comcast is thinking about developing one anyways… Comcast wants to develop an app that allows […]