Monthly Archives: May 2014

AT&T Launches Wireless Home Phone Nationwide

AT&T announced this week the nationwide launch of their Wireless Home Phone service, that allows customers to use their existing home phone, but instead of connecting through their home’s landline, calls and the internet are connected using the AT&T wireless network. The connection is made through a device called “Home Base” which will allow users […]

What You Should Know Leading up to FIFA World Cup 2014

With only 16 days until the World Cup kicks off, you might be surprised to hear that there are still big stories breaking. Here are a few things you should know. Perhaps the most surprising announcement from the American team came Thursday when Team USA’s coach, Jürgen Klinsmann, dropped Landon Donovan from this year’s World […]

Net Neutrality – Who is Willing to Pay?

Following Netflix’s lead, Apple is reportedly willing to pay for better content delivery which makes them the next player up to bat against net neutrality. But the technology giant is said to be negotiating with various internet service providers (ISPs) whereas Netflix has only made a deal with Comcast – so far. The reports on […]

Verizon’s Future in the TV Industry

Verizon’s future in the TV industry has been the hot new merger topic after Sunday’s AT&T/DIRECTV announcement, but CEO Lowell McAdam quickly denied the speculations of a next step for Verizon to chase DISH. Speaking at an investor conference, McAdam clarified that there has not been any discussions with DISH on a possible merge. But […]

AT&T and DIRECTV to Merge

In a $48.5 billion deal, AT&T has agreed to acquire DIRECTV. A move that increases their subscribers to about 26 million nationwide. The agreement includes an exit clause which is dependent on an extension of DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket contract that expires at the end of next season. If an extension isn’t made by the […]

FCC Rules On Net Neutrality Proposal

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday in favor of new proposed net neutrality rules. Why should you care? The vote is the beginning of a long process of decisions that would affect the speed at which certain websites load based on agreements made between the website’s owner and internet providers. For example, NetFlix and Comcast […]

On Demand Adding Programming from Turner Networks

Popular TV shows broadcasted on Turner Broadcasting System’s networks such as TNT, TBS, CNN, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and truTV are going to be available on demand for Comcast customers through an agreement reached between the two companies. Perhaps not so surprising, according to Comcast, 70% of their customers use XFINITY® On Demand at least […]

NBCUniversal To Broadcast Olympics Through 2032

We’re all aware that putting on the Olympics costs the host nation billions of dollars, but have you ever wondered what it costs to broadcast the world’s biggest competition? With the latest agreements, NBCUniversal to broadcast Olympics, both Summer and Winter Games for the next 18 years through a couple of agreements. Having previously obtained […]

NFL Draft Starts Thursday

Whether you’re suffering from football withdrawals or still feeling the hype of last season’s Seattle Super Bowl title, it is already that time of year again; when NFL teams are scouting for new talent and evaluating if their current roster has what it takes in preparation for the NFL Draft. You can catch every second […]


Just a few months after its U.S. debut, ¡HOLA! magazine has partnered with Atresmedia and the duo just came to an agreement with DIRECTV to add ¡HOLA TV! to DIRECTV’s channel lineup in the U.S. ¡HOLA TV! is already available in the Dominican Republic and is planning on moving into Mexico next. With four programs […]