Monthly Archives: March 2014

App Puts An End To Waiting for Appointment Windows

We’ve all been there – you are frustrated because you are stuck waiting at home for the cable guy to come sometime during the four hour window they gave you. Good news – there is an app for that! Well, Comcast is thinking about developing one anyways… Comcast wants to develop an app that allows […]

beIN Sports Releases a Channel Changing Vuvuzela

Remember that distracting humming sound that accompanied all of the World Cup matches back in 2010? Well they’re back as beIN Sports releases a channel changing Vuvuzela  with the “power” to change any TV to beIN Sports – one of the networks carrying live coverage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Is it magic? Not […]

MLB Teamed Up With

Is a baseball game a good first date? and the MLB seem to think so. The online dating service has announced that they are launching 29 new fan pages where singles who are fans of the same team(s) can connect. That’s one fan page for every U.S. team. “The conversation is one we’ve […]

DISH Viewer Experience Gets Even Better

Did you notice the quality of your TV just got way better? If you’re a DISH customer who is watching the beginning of the National Invitation Tournament or are catching the latest episodes of popular shows, you more than likely did. DISH has added high definition (HD) programming for ESPNU, ESPNews, Disney East and ABC […]

DISH Encourages Bracket Breaks

It’s ok, you can admit it. You’ve snuck a peak at your March Madness bracket a few times at work and even logged into live streams to try to catch just a minute of the action before your boss notices. Well, you’re not alone. DISH’s latest campaign features Hopper the Kangaroo secretly watching college basketball […]

ADT Pulse

Are you one of those people who gets the feeling you forgot to turn off the coffee maker? What about your curling iron? Oh no! What about the security system? It’s easy to forget to do these things as you’re rushing out the door in the morning which is why coffee makers, curling irons and […]

HBO Go Passwords: Do They Really Want You to Share Them?

There has been a lot of misconceptions on HBO’s CEO Richard Plepler’s comments concerning sharing HBO Go passwords. But after all the hype over the online streaming service’s outage disaster during the season finale of True Detective on Sunday, we should set the record straight. In January, BuzzFeed ran a post titled, “HBO’s CEO Doesn’t […]

DISH Releases The Super Joey

DISH releases the Super Joey which gives customers two extra tuners that allows viewers to record two more shows than before bringing the total to eight. One Super Joey is allowed on an account with a Hopper with Sling. Currently, customers with a Hopper with Sling are able to upgrade to the Super Joey for […]

The Next Big Thing – Wireless TV

Charlie Ergen, owner of DISH, has been purchasing spectrum for some time now in hopes of one day being able to provide DISH’s 14 million subscribers with the next big thing – wireless tv. The technology is still being created, but recently there has been some talk about the service becoming available in the near […]