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You’ll have round-the-clock access to licensed, board-certified doctors with telehealth coverage from Connect Your Wellness. Whether it’s a sore throat, an itchy rash, a psychological issue or a variety of other medical complications, you can get quick advice and treatment using your phone, tablet or computer!


Forget crowded waiting rooms and long waits to see your doctor. With Connect Your Wellness, professional medical advice for your entire family is just minutes away.

24/7 Telehealth Consultations

Consult with a licensed, board-certified doctor from wherever you are for one low monthly cost.

    • For only $29.99/mo, everyone in your household has 24/7 access to qualified doctors

    • Doctors can diagnose your issue, provide treatment recommendations, and even send prescriptions to be filled at your neighborhood pharmacy

    • Enroll with Connect Your Wellness today and make sure you’re always within 5 minutes of affordable, effective healthcare!

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a month for with no contract 888-998-6658

Why Choose Telehealth?

The cost and convenience benefits will make telehealth an essential part of your personal healthcare

    • Having unlimited online doctor visits means you can forget expensive co-pays at urgent care centers, doctor offices and emergency rooms

    • Whether you’re at home, at work or on the road, you can consult a doctor without traveling to germ-filled, crowded waiting rooms

    • You’ll potentially save a lot of money, considering that the average visit to a primary care physician costs $165