Wireless Home Networking

It's seamless, simple and affordable! Get your whole home on one wireless network by connecting up to five different computers. Time Warner Cable's Wireless Home Networking Service gives you the option to pay one low monthly price for Internet service, instead of having to pay separately for each computer to be connected to the Internet.

When you sign up to receive Time Warner Cable Internet services, you'll automatically receive a wireless router to keep your entire home connected — at no additional charge! With free Wireless Home Networking, your whole family can take advantage of one wireless network at home. Whether you prefer to go online in the kitchen or in your home office, you'll be able to access the Internet anywhere you want at home, for no extra monthly charge.

Connect up to five different computers at home to the Time Warner Cable Wireless Home Networking system so everyone can go online and stay connected at the same time. With fast, easy installation by a Time Warner Cable professional, your family will be up and running online in no time, surfing the Internet, playing games, watch videos and more with Road Runner® high-speed Internet service, now available throughout your home.

Installation: A professional Time Warner Cable installation technician will setup your Wireless Home Networking System hassle free, while answering any system questions you might have. Once your Wireless Home Networking system is in place, your family can enjoy the freedom of high-speed wireless computing throughout your home.

Online Safety: As a parent, you'll always be able to stay in control of your family's safety online. When you sign up for Time Warner Cable Wireless Home Networking, you'll not only get the security features found with either EarthLink or Road Runner® services, but you'll also have instant access to built in firewall protection.

Setup Requirements:

  1. You'll need a computer with a built in wireless network card. You can purchase an external adaptor for older computers that might not have this feature already built in to its system.
  2. Time Warner Cable High Speed Online cable modem with built in wireless router
  3. Time Warner Cable professional installation using the Digital Cable connection already in the home
  4. There may be some additional system requirements (browser, RAM, processor, etc) depending on whether you are using EarthLink or Road Runner® services and if you have a Mac or PC that you're planning on connecting.

Service charges are dependent upon what Time Warner Cable products currently exist in the household at the time of the installation, in addition to what products may be required for a proper install to make sure your new wireless system is running smoothly.

With deals this good, why not take your home wireless?

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