Whole House HD DVR

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Not only will your family get to watch TV shows when they want, but you'll never have to rearrange your schedule around your programming again. Time Warner Cable subscribers also get to enjoy exclusive time saver features like Look Back® and Start Over®, giving you the freedom to watch non-recorded shows up to three days after you missed them!

See what Whole House HD DVR can offer your TV viewing experience:

Start Over®: Forgot to record a show? It's not the end of the world, now that Time Warner Cable subscribers have access to the exclusive Start Over feature, free with your Whole House DVR Set-Top Box. Depending on your regional market, you can use Start Over® on over 20,000 TV shows. To use Start Over®, wait for the prompt that will appear on your TV screen and press select on your remote control to inform the system to start the program over from the very beginning.

Look Back®: Another exclusive feature available to Time Warner Cable subscribers is Look Back which allows viewers to watch a particular show up to 72 hours after its original air date. If you forgot to record a show it's no problem, you'll be able to play it back later — even if it takes you three whole days! Here's a list of HD channels that are Look Back® enabled:

- A&E HD
- ABC Family HD
- Animal Planet HD
- Bravo HD
- Discovery Channel HD
- Disney Channel HD
- Food Network HD
- History Channel HD
- Syfy HD
- USA Network HD

Whole House HD DVR Requirements: In order for Time Warner Cable subscribers to take advantage of Whole House HD DVR features, viewers must have at least one Whole House DVR Set-Top Box in addition to one Whole House HD DVR Playback Set-Top Box. This equipment must be purchased aside from your monthly Time Warner Cable subscription.

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