Free PowerBoost

Time Warner Cable Internet Free PowerBoost®

Don't let download speeds drag you down! When you subscribe to Time Warner Cable's Standard or Turbo Internet service, you'll automatically get PowerBoost® to jump start your download speeds online. PowerBoost® gives you an increase in downloading speed right when you need it the most, so you can keep working faster without your computer slowing you down!

How does PowerBoost® work?

When you're ready to download a file, picture or music on your computer, PowerBoost will automatically kick in and speed up your download for the first 10Mbps. After that initial surge of download speed offered by PowerBoost®, then your computer will resume normal speeds associated with Turbo or Standard, until you choose to pursue another download.

Which Internet Service With FREE PowerBoost® is Right For Me?

Standard Internet Service with FREE PowerBoost®:

Turbo Internet Service with FREE PowerBoost®:

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