Working for Connect Your Home

Connect Your Home is located in colorful Colorado in the heart of the Denver Tech Center. We’re located just minutes from Denver’s bustling Lower Downtown district and are just a quick car ride from the majestic Rocky Mountains.

At Connect Your Home we strive to make working with us a motivating and fresh new venture to help further achieve personal goals and career advancement for all our employees. One of the few things employees tend to worry about is the obligatory concern over what it's like working for their new employer. Because we care about setting a positive example and leaving good impressions on all our employees at Connect Your Home, we'll tell you exactly what it's like working here. You won't be pushed into the lion's den on your first day if that's one of your major concerns because 1.) we don't have a lion and 2.) they're too expensive. But what we do have are other more resourceful (and safer) ways to motivate our work force.

Accommodating would be an appropriate word to begin describing the supportive atmosphere of working at Connect Your Home. Whatever your expertise, we make a concerted effort to facilitate our employees with easy-to-learn software and resources they need to succeed at Connect Your Home. We even encourage all of our employees with the appropriate experience to take advantage of available opportunities. Every shared idea can often lead to something new and exciting. The assurance that all our voices are heard and taken into consideration by supervisors at Connect Your Home means we all have the opportunity to make each department better. Connect Your Home thrives on a wonderful group of over 70 driven and hard-working individuals.

Connect Your Home thrives on a wonderful group of driven and hard-working individuals that has already grown 20% since the beginning of 2014. We're motivated by the camaraderie among our crew that makes up the company's relaxed and nurturing work environment, but we also know what's important and when to get things done. Connect Your Home is populated with an always reliable executive team, a diligent sales and customer service team, a creative marketing team, and a talented group of web designers and developers. But don't take my word for it. Here are just a small sample of what some of our real employees have to say:

There are many things I like about Connect Your Home, but my favorite thing has to be the people I work with in the marketing department. Whether the conversation is work related or comical, we always seem to be on the same page.
The thing I like most about Connect Your Home is the atmosphere. A good portion of people dread going to work because of the atmosphere they work in. Coming to work drinking coffee, getting work done, and spending the day with entertaining people makes 8 hours fly by and makes work not seem like work.
I love our workplace environment!!! I come from the East Coast mentality of workplace etiquette. Proper and professional. NOT to say that what we have here is 'unprofessional'. What we have here is an extremely relaxed environment. I've never worked in a place where management helps support your success. Connect Your Home has opened my eyes to how fun a workplace can actually be.
My favorite thing I like about working at Connect Your Home is that even as we continue to grow, we have kept that small company feel. Even after working here for 5 years, I still wake up excited about coming to work.

Connect Your Home is always looking for new creative and talented individuals to help grow our company. Be sure to check out our careers page to find out if we have any current job openings.