Have you found yourself asking who the “HughesNet Girl” is? Even if you’ve just wondered about it, you’re definitely not alone. Here’s the scoop on Kimberley Joseph, the HughesNet actress who stars as the satellite internet spokesperson in the most recent HughesNet commercial.

The Canadian-Australian actress got her more famous start (prior to being the “HughesNet woman”) in the U.S. playing a role on the show “Cold Feet” in 2001 and had some recurring appearances on the hit series ”Lost” for a few seasons. As for her debut on the big screen, Kimberley Joseph has a few minor roles in Frost/Nixon (2008) and in Angels and Demons (2009). In Kimberley’s personal life, she prides herself on being an active voice for the Kazakhstan people and is currently producing a documentary film on how they are effected by Soviet nuclear testing. Who knew the “HughesNet girl” was a former Lost flight attendant and human rights activist?!

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*Note that the specials mentioned in the commercial may or may not still be in effect as of 10-12-10