Some say it’s only a matter of time before all of our information is transmitted and consumed digitally in all aspects of our busy home lives. One blogger in particular thinks that “physical media has to go” and it got me to thinking that the future of whole-home digital media consumption may be more imminent than we think. If you mentally calculate the last few articles I’ve posted regarding the possibility of book-less libraries, the ability to watch your TV shows on mobile devices and even using smart home technology to manage your home services it’s obvious that the digital age is surrounding our lives whether we’re ready for change or not.

“With bandwidth and storage space being what they are, my infrastructure isn’t optimized for yesterday’s media delivery,” said Louis Gray on his recent blog post about the death of physical media. In so many ways, the author is absolutely right, we have found and adopted digital replacements for physical media. For example, we can stream music over the Internet, download the latest tunes to our mp3 player or computer – completely doing away with CDs. The same just about goes for books which can typically be downloaded directly to your Amazon Kindle, tablet, computer or Barnes and Noble’s Nook. DVDs are also no exception to the new media rule when movies can now easily be played instantly on your connected TV, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Verizon Digital Media Services President, David Rips, shares an expanded upon ideology similar to our “digital only” blogger from, in this short video below. To compare home services visit Connect Your Home online or call 888-566-3979, or to learn more about smart home technology check out some of our other blog posts. Do you think all media will become digitalized soon? Would you rate yourself as an early adopter of new digital technology or slower to accept change?