Many TV networks are taking advantage of the historic moment that the Royal Wedding brings between Prince William and fiancé Kate Middleton on April 29…just six weeks away and counting. Can you believe it has been nearly 30 years since Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding in 1981? Back then, the royal wedding was viewed by 750 million people across the world, but with the way the media attention is today and all of the different outlets that we are able to consume media, that viewership number is expected to far surpass the former Royal Wedding once April 29 rolls around. With just over a month until the big day, TV networks are revealing programming plans to provide extensive Royal Wedding coverage and wedding themed spinoff shows (if you will) during April. TLC, Lifetime and BBC are three major networks in particular that will be in full wedding swing next month and I of course would also be expecting something from E! and other networks to join in as the wedding date nears.

TLC has dedicated an entire week of its programming lineup to the “highly anticipated nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton,” as announced in a recent press release. In order to roll out week long TV specials related to the Royal Wedding, TLC has joined forces with ITV Studios America. Viewers can expect to see their favorite TLC personalities dish about the wedding in a “special round table discussion with Royal experts and celebrity guests.” Other shows exclusive to the Royal Wedding time frame that week include: “Say Yes to the Dress: Princess Brides Special,” on April 22 at 9pm, “Charles and Di: Once Upon a Time,” on April 24 at 7pm, “Untold Stories of a Royal Bridesmaid,” on April 24 at 9pm, “Royally Astounding: 30 Defining Days of the Monarchy,” on April 24 at 10pm, “Wild About Prince Harry,” on April 25 at 10pm, “What the Sell?! Royal Episodes,” on April 26 at 10pm, “Extreme Royal Collections,” on April 27 at 10pm, “The Making of a Royal Wedding,” on April 28 at 8pm, “Countdown to the Royal Wedding,” on April 28 at 9pm and full day Royal Wedding coverage on Friday, April 29.

BBC AMERICA considers itself the “home of the Royal Wedding” as it makes plans to air Royal family documentaries and “Modern Monarchy” exclusive programming specials. One of the documentaries will be able to give viewers a close behind the scenes look at Prince William’s personal life including the charity work he has done in Africa with its ‘Prince William in Africa’ premiere on Sunday, April 24 at 2pm. BBC AMERICA announced that it will broadcast the Royal Wedding on April 29 live and commercial free so viewers won’t have to miss a minute of the action with commercial interruptions. Lifetime will also be taking advantage of the wedding buzz by airing an original movie William and Kate on April 18 at 9pm as well as a six-part documentary series, Royal Wedding of a Lifetime (the first part premieres after the Lifetime movie).

According to the, Lifetime, TLC and BBC AMERICA are not the only networks planning to air Royal Wedding dedicated coverage: “All of the major U.S. networks are planning to send correspondents to cover the grand affair, plus Wedding Central has already announced one full week of non-stop coverage beginning on April 24th.” Prepare your DVR and clear your schedule that week because there will be non-stop wedding buzz for the next month. To learn more about satellite TV packages and cable TV deals to make sure all bases are covered to get the most out of the Royal Wedding TV programming, visit Connect Your Home online or call 888-566-3979.