As the weather cools down during the fall and into the winter months, homeowners will increase the use of their fireplaces and space heaters powered by burning fuel. Many people rest assured that their smoke detectors are working properly (although you should check about every six months or so just to be on the safe side), but people should also be looking to invest in a system that monitors the safety levels of harmful gasses that could be emitted in the home. Smoke from fires and candles is pretty identifiable in color and odor, however carbon monoxide is commonly referred to as the “silent killer” since humans can’t actually smell, see, taste or sense the creeping gas fumes in any way. If you or a family member are being effected by high carbon monoxide levels your bodies can often react in a way that is similar to flu-like symptoms including: dizziness, nausea and confusion. According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a recent ADT press release, carbon monoxide not only harms individuals, but it also claims the lives of thousands of people each year.

Amy Kabcenell, ADT marketing manager says, “There have been several incidents where carbon monoxide victims have become confused and could not call for help so that’s why it’s important for CO detectors in homes to be connected to a monitoring center with trained professionals operating 24/7 who can contact rescuers.”

In order to prevent a lethal situation caused by carbon monoxide gas, it’s important to take important preventative measures. First, make sure that all space heaters are turned off when the appliance is left unmonitored and make sure to keep a close eye on children playing or sleeping near a space heater. Secondly, clean areas in and around fire places and wood stoves now, before the weather gets and cooler. Also, never leave a car or a portable electric generator running in a garage for any extended period of time, even if the garage is not enclosed, gas fumes can still be emitted and absorbed.

For more information on how you can install a CO detector on each level of your home as well as smoke alarms and a home security system, visit AlarmNation, authorized ADT home security systems retailer.