Adding a premium entertainment channel to cable or satellite TV packages isn’t always at the top of viewers’ priority list, not unless they realize the hours of endless entertainment options that they’re missing out on. From professional sports documentaries to original movies and high-budget series featuring some of the best talent in Hollywood, each of the four big premium channels showcases the epitome of entertainment. Guaranteeing added drama to your living room along with heartfelt moments and belly-aching laughs, Showtime, HBO, Starz and Cinemax brings hundreds of entertainment options to your television set, from family-friendly programming to addicting miniseries and behind-the-scenes bonus features. To help you decipher between the four main premium programming and movie channels, we’ve listed off what each channel has to offer, including programming and movie selections.

HBO: Continually adding new movies and programming to its digital library, HBO delivers high quality entertainment both at home and now through mobile technology with HBO Go. Many of the world’s most talented stars head to HBO to star in the next most-talked about original series. You can catch the final season of ‘Entourage’ on HBO this July, plus the new season of ‘True Blood’ which premieres in June (watch the trailer below).

Showtime:You’ve heard about the gripping, provocative shows, but have you tuned in for yourself yet? Just some of the most popular shows in television today include: ‘Nurse Jackie,’ where Edie Falco stars in her Emmy® award-winning role, ‘Weeds,’ ‘United States of Tara,’ ‘The Borgias,’ (watch the trailer below), ‘Homeland,’ and the very popular ‘Dexter.’ In addition to new movies that can be viewed on Showtime, the network also airs boxing and MMA matches, NASCAR specials, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes baseball and football documentaries.

Starz: This premium TV channel includes both new release movies and high-budget original programming. Home of the critically acclaimed series ‘Camelot’ (watch the trailer below) and ‘Spartacus: Gods of the Arena,’ Starz captivates audiences with TV shows that seem like mini movies with the talented cast and over and above production. Sprinkled amongst the hot original series on Starz, are new release films, currently playing: Salt, Sunshine Cleaning, Death at a Funeral, The Last Song and Zombieland.

Cinemax: The ultimate movie channel on television, Cinemax plays different flicks all day long in every genre, from romantic comedies to thrillers and dramas. On Wednesday night alone, you’ll find the hilarious adult comedy The Hangover along with Charlie St. Cloud(watch the trailer below) starring Zac Efron. Cinemax plays both classic films you love to get wrapped in again, as well as new releases including award-winning movie The Kids Are All Right. Every Saturday night at 10pm, Cinemax will premiere a new release film, this weekend will feature the action comedy movie Macgruber.

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