Have you ever heard of the National Day of Unplugging? The second annual National Day of Unplugging is this weekend. The event will run for 24 hours from sundown this Friday, March 23rd, to sundown, Saturday March 24th. You are invited to disconnect from the Internet and reconnect with family, friends and the world around you. Mashable reports that 66% of the general public claim that they are addicted to the Internet, so this is a special day designed to get people back to re-connect with family, friends and oneself and away from technology for a full 24 hours. This concept was developed by the non-profit organization Reboot, the National Day of Unplugging is guided by the Sabbath Manifesto, an ongoing project that encourages people to slow down their lives by avoiding technology for a full 24 hours. Unexpectedly a Smartphone app is what’s needed to help start joining in on the technology free fun. Nearly 1,200 people have already signed up for the pledge via Causes.com. Reboot even wants to give you the tools to succeed on this National Day of Unplugging by offering a Smartphone app that serves as a reverse FourSquare, which will announce to your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers that you are temporarily logged out.

“Believe me, we fully get the irony of using a high-tech app to announce a low-tech day,” says Reboot spokeswoman Tanya Schevitz to The New York Times in—further irony—and email. “But really, what better way to tell your followers that you won’t be tweeting on the weekend.”Also available for those of us that have a hard time resisting temptation are, cell phone sleeping bags and phone kerchiefs that will shield you from temptation and effectively block incoming calls and texts. While this may seem like torture it can actually be a good break from technology to catch up with family and friends and get back to some things that you may have not done in awhile, like read a book…a paperback book! To learn more about National Day of Unplugging or technology updates at home visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979. Do you plan to participate in the pledge to turn off technology for a day?