In honor of National Movers Month, we thought it would be a great idea to go over some of the best places to move and raise a family. What parents wouldn’t want to raise their children in one of America’s favorite cities? Making the smart move to decide on a living location that will allow you access to great schools, affordable homes, low crime rates, plenty of jobs, and lots of places for your family to play. Parenting Magazine recently did a study to determine where the best place was for families to live. They took into consideration 84 different items, such as the quality of schools, affordability of homes, crime rates and jobs. Here is the list of the top 10 cities to raise a family.

  • Washington DC: Parents and children alike will get an amazing education from this city. Everything from the history, breathtaking monuments, governmental history, etc is what makes this a fascinating city. The Nation’s Capital boasts 44 museums ranked only behind New York City. With great places, to eat, relax and learn about our Nation’s History, Washington, DC is a great place to raise a family.
  • Austin, Texas: This is the second year in a row that Austin has ranked second among the list of Best Cities for Families. This progressive, warm and sunny city has city pools that are open year round and amazing fishing that is great all year. This town is also a mecca for innovators, Dell was launched here as well as Samsung, Google and Facebook all have offices here. With 27,000 acres of parkland, plenty of farmers markets and food co-ops, Austin is a well-rounded, healthy hometown.
  • Boston, Massachusetts: Historic Boston made the list of top 10 for education and ranked high in the health category. Boston public schools spend a whopping $23,000 per student. Boston also boasts many parks, such as the Emerald Necklace that has many beautiful paths.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Minneapolis, otherwise known as the “City of Lakes” and this metropolis has an extensive park system featuring amazing waterfront properties. In addition to beautiful parks and pathways. They cover their bases with baseball, basketball, hockey and football teams along with a great educational system. Minneapolis students have math and reading scores that come in a close second to Boston’s.
  • Des Moines, Iowa: Ranked in top 10 for education and health. This town will offer kids the opportunity to experience city life in the midst of America’s farmland. Des Moines has a very low unemployment rate of 6.1% due in large part to their big insurance industry. The Principal Financial Group in based out of Des Moines.
  • Madison, Wisconsin: Madison takes the cake on the list of affordable fun. Madison has lots of bike trails, lakes, and food co-ops and farmers markets. Kids will also be able to dig for fossils and gems in the landmark cave of mounds.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: Who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical paradise? This beautiful city is far more than that however, it is the center for Hawaiian culture, theater, music, clean air, loads of sun and surf. The state obesity rate is also well below the national average making it one of the healthiest cities to raise children in. Honolulu also boasts a strong economy powered by tourism, military defense contracting and real estate resulting in an extremely low unemployment rate.
  • Omaha, Nebraska: With a strong African American scene, vibrant jazz presence and 22 art installations along the Art Walk, you will never be short of entertainment. In addition to that, Omaha has strong schools and a thriving job market.
  • Seattle, Washington: Named one of the most literate cities in America. It is known for its extreme rainfall which may deter some people, but that also contributes and helps to keep their vegetation full and lush. It is so lush that Seattle is nicknamed the “Emerald City”. When the sun does come out it boasts nearly 5,500 acres of parks.
  • Louisville, Kentucky: Louisville offers pasture-rich grasslands and a great Midwestern city culture. With the affordable housing in Louisville you can live among lots of parkland and top-notch schools. Home to awesome places to see such as the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, The Kentucky State Fair, and Americana Arts and Crafts, Louisville is also known as the “City of Parks.”

These are just a few of the great places to live and raise a family. Moving can be a very difficult thing, but knowing that you are moving to a place that is great for families can take some of the stress out of a move. To learn more about satellite TV providers in your area visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.