The Holidays are slowly creeping up on us and that means many things. The first is that Christmas shopping will soon take over our lives and second, that travel sites will soon top our search history online. To help save you some money this holiday season, here is a list of travel applications available both online and via Smartphone that can ease your transit-induced tension headaches. Many of these tools will help you every step of the way from flight procurement to last-minute business dinner suggestion, to smooth over the turbulence and make sure you get to your destination safely and cheaply.

  • Hipmunk: This travel deal curator categorizes all the available deals from various travel websites into one, easy-to-decipher graphic that pushes the best flights to the top so you can have a one screen shot view of the best deals. Great feature this tool offers is the search by “Agony” tool which searches the website to ensure your cross-county trek has the shortest layovers and highest reliability ratings.
  • Kayak: I’m sure we have all heard of this site at one time or another, but if you haven’t this is your one stop shop for flight and hotels. This searches through the whole list of flights presenting the best most affordable flight on the top of the listings.
  • TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor gathers meticulous reviews from its burgeoning user base to provide details on flights, hotels, and activities around the world. This will give you information on everything from cruise packages, to B&BS in foreign countries.
  • Groupon Getaways: Groupon is a Daily Deals giant that most recently has come out with Groupon Getaways. Getaways have partnered with Expedia in order to curates packaged hotel deals from across the county and around the world to sell at deep discounts. Like many other Groupon deals, Getaways is redeemable at any time up to the expiration date, this leaves room for flexible travel.
  • TripIt: This can be your own personal travel agent; TripIt organizes all your flights, hotels, and rental car information in one handy itinerary. This makes it easy to send in one email to one person exactly where you will be going.
  • Uber: This handy car service is available for both the iPhone and Android market. This will be like your own personal chauffer. It will summon a driver to your location and take you to your destination for a pre-negotiated fee. No money changes hands, as the service automatically charges the credit card on file, including tip.
  • Alfred: If you have trouble finding restaurants in your area, more importantly what you should eat, then you need to download the “Alfred”app. After a quick survey that gauges a user’s personal tastes on food and nightlife, Alfred suggests food at nearby restaurants that fit the same criteria. The more it learns about your taste the more tailored the app’s taste becomes.

Don’t let this Holiday season get the best of you. Follow our tips for shopping and use these tools for traveling and save yourself time and money. To learn more money saving tips visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.