When is the last time you’ve had your friends and family over for a solid game night? MOVL is revolutionizing the way we play games by combining the use of our smart phones and the connected TV to create an enhanced tech experience, easy enough for anyone to play. As mentioned on the Google TV blog, by a MOVL guest post, the creative company is well versed in ”developing web based apps that focus on real-time social experiences, [as they've] been watching the connected TV space anxiously waiting for a way to bring [MOVL]ideas to the living room.” Two apps that are great for all ages of players include: WeDraw.tv and Pokerfun.

WeDraw.tv is a fun twist on the classic Pictionary, where your smart phone becomes the game controller and the Google TV is suddenly transformed into a game board. When it’s your turn to draw, a secret word will appear only on your phone where you can then use your finger to draw the best depiction of the word as it appears on the smart TV screen for other players to guess what it is you’re sketching. Check out a video of how this app works, below:

Another exciting app that MOVL has developed to bring groups of friends and family members together in the living room again is Pokerfun. As you’ll see from the video below which demonstrates how the game is played, the poker players all have their card hands on their individual smart phones so no one else can see. Not only can you call people out and distinguish a virtual poker face, but you can also deal out cards directly from your phone as it appears on the bigger TV screen. Watch the video below as one group of friends plays a round of poker and let us know what you think:

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