Today is the last day of National Movers Month, so we have to take advantage of the day and give you one more suggestion when it comes to making that big move. Moving into a new neighborhood can be an exciting experience or a terrifying experience. When deciding to move, it is important to check out the surroundings you are moving into and know exactly what you are in for. There was once a time when neighbors would greet new ones with offerings of baked goods and warm welcomes. Sadly, in today’s times and with people’s busy schedules that tradition has become almost non-existent. Often times a town is not what it appears to be on first glance. Here are a few ways to get acquainted with your new neighborhood and neighbors.

  • Get the local scoop: Read through the local papers, magazines and online papers. You will learn more about the town from these publications than what you will ever find out from your realtor.
  • Get to know your neighbors: You know those homes that are decked out for the holidays? While it may be entertaining to drive past and see, would you want to live next to one of those houses and have your driveway blocked by sightseers? Consider visiting your future neighborhood and introducing yourself to your potential neighbors and try and feel out what kind of people they are.
  • Do your homework: Find out what the schooling is like in the neighborhood. Your realtor will probably tell you that the school system is great, but do your own homework to determine if this is really true. Visit the schools and meet with the administrators.
  • Get the 411 on the 911: How responsive is the town in the event of natural disasters and emergencies? Find out if your street is on a main road which would be considered a priority for clean-up or are you on a back road that gets taken care of last? Again doing your homework is important for this.
  • Find out the financial situation: Is the town budget close to bankruptcy? Are their adequate funds to maintain town parks, amenities, schools, roads, etc? This can be important factor in your decision.

Moving can be a very exciting time for a family. Make sure you are aware of everything that comes with a new home, new neighbor and new adventures. For the latest Moving Tips visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979. Check out the trailer from the ‘Stepford Wives’ below, talk about moving into the twilight zone! Have you ever moved into a neighborhood like this?