Just because National Movers Month is over, doesn’t mean all the great moving tips have to end. This one is a great one, because it allows you to not only organize your life, you will have an inventory of all the stuff you do have. Then you will be able to know what you need for your new home. Once your boxes have been packed and transported to your new home, start by creating a home inventory as you unpack. This may seem unnecessary however it is a very smart move and can help you determine things like, how much home insurance you need to buy, and, over time, keep your accumulations in check. If things ever get lost in a fire or you get robbed, it will be way easier to determine what you are actually missing. Here are a few things you should include in your inventory list:

  • Put pen to paper: The best way to get started is get out a pen and a paper and just start listing. You can organize it by category, such as electronics or furniture. Or you can categorize everything by room, the sub-categorize from there. For the more tech-savvy individuals using Excel is a great home inventory tool.
  • Capture your stuff on ‘film’: Make sure to take photos of big-ticket items, such as art work, electronics and jewelry. Make sure to try and get the serial numbers and other identifiers. If you have one, consider taking a lap around your home with a video recorder.
  • Home inventory app: Try finding and implementing a home inventory app to help you move. If you like the idea of using a digital catalog instead or a pen and paper this might be the way to go. There is an app called Digital Locker, that allows you to search prices and item descriptions by barcode.

Once you have taken inventory of all your things, be sure to keep a duplicate copy of the list somewhere on a CD, thumb drive, or notebook. Also whenever you do purchase new things for your home, be sure to add them to the list. To learn more about the latest tips for a successful move, visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.