Moving is always an exhausting task. Whether you are moving across town or cross-country you need to consider what the hidden costs of moving might be. Preparing early for this task will help save you from unexpected financial burdens and surprises. You will need to plan ahead and financially prepare yourself for the task at hand. If you are budgeting for a move, remember to make a list of all the items you will need to pay for as well as allow yourself a cushion of money. Let’s face it some things have changed. What used to be an easy task of gathering a few friends, throwing your belongings in some boxes and making the move, now requires two months of planning and a $1,000 budget. Here is what your budget might consist of:

  • Utility Transfer Fees: Gas, Electric, Cable, Internet, etc will most likely charge a service fee to turn off and re install at you new address. Make sure to call and have this scheduled and find out exactly what you will be charged.
  • Deposits: This can go for anything, cable, water, electric, the complex or housing you might be moving into. They don’t waive the deposit for good credit or any other reason. It is generally required regardless. Make sure to ask this question as well when determining what service provider you will go with.
  • Surcharges: If you are hiring a moving company and they give you an estimate, always assume that the price might go up a little bit. Often times if you have a large entertainment center that doesn’t break down very easily or a large piano that is awkward to move, they may charge you an additional cost to move them. That does not include moving insurance as well. If you are looking to save a little bit of money, move all the items you can by yourself and hire movers only for the larger items.
  • Overlap: This means overlapping in paying rent in two places. If you are spreading your move over the course of three days, this normally wouldn’t involve unexpected moving fees, but if you are renting you will have to pay for two different places over the course of those three days. You can avoid this if it happens by getting a motel or a hotel and put your stuff in storage, however that usually comes out to be around the same price and will cause extra stress.
  • Cutting Costs: To help offset some of these unexpected fees there are other ways for you to cut costs. If you can help it don’t buy moving supplies. Your neighbors, friends, co-workers will often times have boxes, moving tape and other moving supplies, so ask around. To get the best price on movers, call around to as many as you need to in order to find a price that fits for you. It is also important to add up everything and place that into your budget as well, but also allow yourself a $200 cushion for the just in case scenarios.

Don’t get stuck paying extra money because you didn’t do your homework. Get as many quotes as possible to find the lowest price. For more money saving tips visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.