HughesNet service keeps looking for ways to improve their Quality of Service. They have announced their plans for a new Wide Area Network(WAN) solution that delivers MPLS-like network quality and performance that is sure to be better than the IP Networks currently out there. The new solution that HughesNet has announced is comprised of the HS1200 Broadband Optimization Appliance, data center gateway and a management system that will all work toward supporting the QOS(Quality of Service). The new service will enable large distributed enterprises to take advantage of Voice-over-IP (VoIP), video and real-time data applications at their many branch sites. In many cases VoIP is very costly, if you don’t believe it, consider making a phone call to a person living in a country half the globe away and how high your phone bill is going to be. VoIP solves this problem and HughesNet make is very cost effective for consumers.  The new solution known as the HS1200 is part of the Hughes Converged Broadband Architecture, which delivers a strong QoS, scalable bandwidth, security and high reliability at a price point that is much lower that the MPLS solutions. This is what the new solution with incorporate:

  • Hughes ActiveQoS delivers end-to-end QoS through a tightly integrated combination of network capacity monitoring, prioritization and dynamic rate limiting. The result is a real-time application that can be supported with the required quality of service across ordinary broadband networks.
  • Two stages of the Hughes ActiveCompression, incorporating long-range and short-range compression with dynamic selection of the optimal algorithm in real-time. This approach offers businesses the capability to deliver superior bandwidth, while being computationally efficient to to be implemented in a low-cost processor platform.
  • Smart application classification that automatically analyzes and classifies source IP flows.

“The Branch of the future will need to converge all network elements into a single seamless network that is fast, reliable and secure,” said Sampath Ramaswami, senior director of Strategic Planning at Hughes. “The HS1200 Broadband Optimization Appliance, a key enabling element of the Hughes CBA, will help achieve this objective very cost-effectively for the distributed enterprise.” The new solution will be available by quarter three 2012. To launch their new product Hughes will be exhibiting at Interop 2012, Las Vegas, exhibit booth #904, May 8-10 2012. To learn more about Satellite Internet Providers in your area, visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.