Your movie collection just got bigger and luckily you won’t have to look for more shelf space!Â announced today that Amazon Prime members can now instantly stream movie rentals from the 5,000 plus movie and TV show database through the Google TV platform, allowing film fans to rejoice everywhere! There’s no more problem of groaning: ”there’s nothing on TV,” when you have so many different options to choose from in Amazon’s library of new releases, award-winning flicks and classic favorites. The Amazon Prime service pairs unlimited two-day free shipping with this new added bonus of having the ability to stream movies on your Google TV platform instantly (service is available for a yearly rate of $79). Â

Amazon Prime is not the only movie streaming service vying for viewers’ attention, recently updated at the end of last year, Google TV software gave its Netflix app a boost, to better enhance the subscribers’ movie viewing experience. Similar to the Amazon Prime concept, Google TV fans can also use the Netflix app if they’re a subscriber, to stream TV shows and dozens of movies. According to Venture Beat, the new and improved Netflix app give you the “ability to search streaming titles or add them to your queue [...] and also offers up personalized recommendations on what to watch.”

Another great feature you can enjoy with Google TV to make the movie ‘magic’ experience that much better? When you type in the name of a movie you’re dying to watch, let’s say “Analyze This” with Robert De Niro, into the Google TV browser, “Analyze This” will appear with a summary, cast description and a list of where the film is available. Whether “Analyze This” is ready to stream on your Google TV through Netflix, Amazon VOD or through your satellite TV service, Google TV will pull up related results of your viewing options.

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Watch a preview of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” below, now available on Netflix and Amazon VOD. How do you typically watch movies – online or through your TV VOD service?