Earlier this month at the OTT conference, Google TV partner, Logitech announced that the Google TV app store is on its way, saying that “it’s a given it will happen this year, 100%” according to Logitech’s Digital Home Group VP and General Manager, Ashish Arora. Logitech currently offers the Logitech Revue which is fully equipped with Google TV technology to connect users with the Internet and televison in one interface. The Logitech Revue with Google TV launched in May of 2010, so it’s only a matter of time before users can expect to have a diverse app store available on their smart TVs.

Arora went on to say that “what will be really interesting will be to tie the content to what you’re watching,” commenting that “it won’t just be weather apps [either].” Similar to the Twitter app currently available on Google TV, users can tweet with their followers and friends about what TV shows they’re watching without having to leave the couch. It seems that the addition of the Google TV app store will have related features to allow people to interact with others online during live television programming.

Google did release its Google TV Remote App on Friday (March 18) that gives users the opportunity to download a remote control for their Google TV on their Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (this app has been available to Android users since December 2010). In addition to surfing through TV channels and managing your DVR with the new remote app, it also includes a voice command feature making it easier to search for programming.

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