Who can raise their hand and say that they look forward to paying a bill? If you are like the majority of the population then you dread paying bills, and would love to find a way to make them disappear. Unfortunately bills will never go away completely, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are paying the least amount of money on your monthly bills. “The greatest source of bill shock is lack of consumer awareness,” adds Schwark Satyavolu, CEO of Billshrink.com, which manages everyday expenses.”And services are getting more complex.” Reading the fine print and doing your research is becoming increasingly important in order to save yourself a headache and more money. Follow these extra tips to save more money on household services:

  • Track mobile phone use: It is important to be aware of the amount of texts, data and minutes of talk time you are using each month. That way you can determine if you are paying for a data plan that you are not using. Most people make the mistake of overbuying, to determine if you fall under that category you can upload an electronic version of your mobile bill to a cell phone analysis service such as Bill Shrink or Validas.com.
  • Don’t spend money on games you can play for free: Buying premium content to go further in your favorite online games can be addictive and it will easily add up. To beat bill shock and save money, don’t link your credit and debit card to game payments. “Use a card that has limits,” Satyavolu says. “If your card is automatically debited, you’ll find yourself suddenly spending $200.” Blockbuster Total Access allows you unlimited rentals by mail and in-store exchanges. In addition to that they have new releases 28 days before Netflix and Redbox.
  • Bundle your Home Services: Find out the cheapest service provider and packages in your area. Often time’s service providers will offer deals on Free Movie Channels and Free Blockbuster at Home for a few months. Before purchasing all the premium channels, give them a trial run and determine if it is worth the money spent. To learn about the best priced Home Services in your area visit Connect Your Home.
  • Save on your utilities: Improper use of your heater and air conditioning can lead to an unwanted spike in your bill. To defend your pocketbook, fix the energy leaks in your home. Look into your bill and what you are spending the most money on, that way you can speak to your utilities provider and see if they have any more cost effective plans. Many companies offer time-of-use plans or fixed bill plan that will help save you more money on your bill.
  • Track health care costs: Health insurance costs for employer-based plans rose 9 percent in 2011. On top of that Hospital and acute-care costs are raising, too, says Aaron Ginn, a spokesman for Simplee.com, which helps manage health care expenses. A few helpful hints to help cut these costs are to double-check your plan statement of benefits, if you are not up to the task enlist the help of a health advocate to help track mounting health insurance expenses. Secondly, do your research, Emergency care clinics are usually cheaper and will give you accurate quotes, Ginn says.

Following these steps can help you organize your life and determine where you can be saving a little bit of money. To learn more money saving tips, visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.