Apple’s newest iPad has arrived right on schedule, but it may not be the exciting new piece of equipment we were all hoping for. However Apple rumors are part of what make each new release so fascinating. Because they like to remain tight-lipped about new products, they allow for the rumor mill to churn unchecked by reality until they make the final presentation. Here is a look at what the rumor mill produced that was not correct:

  • The Screen Scene: It was said that the new screen would have a new screen with a retina display like the one on the iPhone 4s. Tech bloggers and analysts were right on this one, the new iPad has 2048×1536 displays, which means it has 3.1 million pixels on its screen.
  • Name: Everyone was thinking the new device would be known as the iPad 3 or the iPad HD. Apple threw everyone a curveball by dropping the number from the name of the iPad and opted to go with a more traditional iPad. While this may be confusing the apple may plan to do this with the next version of the iPhone.
  • Design: Those who thought Apple had done away with the home button were wrong, but speculation that the new iPad would be slightly thicker than the iPad 2 was correct. The comparisons were .37 inches, compared to .34 inches and a little bit heavier.
  • More Models: Due to a report by the Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes that claimed Apple would introduce a cheaper, 8GB version of the iPad2 turned out to be more wrong than right. Apple did drop the price of the 16GB, WiFi version of the iPad2 to $399 but didn’t have any memory off the device.
  • Apple TV: Everyone was hoping for a new Apple TV to be introduced on Wednesday, with the feature that will allow consumers adding the ability to hook the device into iTunes in the Cloud and stream 1080p video. The device also has a simpler, icon-based interface that is compatible with older models, as well.
  • Operating system: The iPad will ship with a new version of iOS5 was the rumor. The new system has a few additional features: it will address bugs that affected battery life, fixes an issue that had caused dropped calls for iPhone users and adds Japanese support for Siri.

While the “new iPad” may not be the huge leap forward in technology that everyone was hoping for, it does deliver some modest updates, especially in display resolution and connectivity. To learn more about Satellite Internet Service in your area visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.